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Way back playback

I’ll never forget the day a few years ago when I was standing in a major greeting card store chain in Toronto surrounded by literally hundreds of card options.  Every card I picked up just didn’t have the right message I wanted to convey.  Some were too serious, some were too mushy, and others were just too wordy.  That day I was specifically looking for a special thank you card for someone that had really gone the extra mile volunteering for the non-profit organization I was involved with at the time.  None of the cards I picked up said the right thing at all nor seemed to communicate how grateful I was for this person and what they had done.  I literally stood there; staring blankly at the non-relevant card options in front of me and vividly remember to this day, saying out loud to myself: “Isn’t there a card with just one word that will say it all?”  Within a few weeks I had registered the domain sayitwithoneword.com and now, a few years later, I am finally launching the idea behind this one-word card concept.